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Increase Productivity.
Increase Profitability.
Madison Sensors can do that.

Madison Company takes a comprehensive approach to liquid level management. Our technical expertise, reliable products and outstanding service creates successful outcomes for our customers.

  • We reduced the number of unplanned outages for a major Northeast utility provider.
  • We increased productivity for a manufacturer of floor cleaning equipment.
  • We helped a container ship keep its scheduled date for sea trials.

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Welcome 2018 from all of us at Madison Company!

In order to be sure that the desired outcome is achieved, the proper sensor must be selected. To make this selection, the specifier should have answers to the following...

The full-size, stainless steel M5000 single-point float switch uses reed switch technology that is simple and cost-effective, yet reliable and durable.

The second featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is Clean Water from Air.


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Many residents in small towns such as Branford are unaware of the support that small, locally-based businesses such as Madison Company provide - support that goes beyond employment and tax contribution.

Tis the season for debates and discussion about critical holiday topics, like tinsel versus garland or whether to go with a real Christmas tree or faux.