Featured Product: M3326

When space is tight or when minimal tank intrusion is desired, the Madison M3326 subminiature float switch provides dependable performance in a compact package. With a footprint of less than 2” in height and less than 1” in diameter, the M3326 can be used for liquid level sensing in difficult installations such as shallow tanks or confined spaces. These float switches are ideal for food service and food processing equipment, chemicals, and medical equipment. Options* such as normally open/normally closed, universal thread or NPT fittings, polypropylene float/stem and NSF listing make the M3326 a versatile float switch for measuring acidic or alkaline liquids and for food contact. Madison advancements in reed switch-based technology can provide ultra-high resolution, very tight tolerances, shock and vibration resistance and turbulence dampening for special projects.
*M3326, M3326-NO, M3326-NPT, M3326-NPT-NO

If you are interested in applications for the M3326 subminiature float switch, or if you need something more specialized, give Madison a call at 203-488-4477 or contact us at info@madisonco.com