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Reducing process variability results in less waste, higher quality and reduced cost, and can make a big difference in profitability for OEMs. Madison offers a variety of accessories such as junction boxes, panel meters and pump level controllers to ensure that conditions are repeatable throughout the process, whether it is for real time liquid level measurement or protecting conductors in rigid threaded conduit. Madison's trained experts will carefully consider the installation and use of the liquid level sensor and recommend the appropriate accessory for the application.

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021-P00023021-P00023 Junction Box, Cast Iron, 3'' Round, Explosion Proof $167.44/ea $167.44
021-P00041021-P00041 Junction Box, Aluminum, 3'' Round $29.83/ea $29.83
021-P00042021-P00042 Junction Box, Nylon, 3'' Round $25.27/ea $25.27
021-P00055021-P00055 Junction Box, Aluminum, 3'' Round, Explosion Proof $75.70/ea $75.70
MD4814-012-00-4MD4814-012-00-4 Digital Panel Meter for 12VDC with 4-20mA Output $365.77/ea $365.77
MD4814-110-00MD4814-110-00 Digital Panel Meter for Process or Temperature with 24VDC Supply $281.90/ea $281.90
MD4814-110-02MD4814-110-02 Digital Panel Meter with 24VDC Supply & Relay Outputs $344.75/ea $344.75
MD4814-110-X2MD4814-110-X2 Digital Panel Meter with Extra-Large Display, 24VDC Supply & Relay Outputs $451.60/ea $451.60
MD4815-024-02MD4815-024-02 Dual-Line 6-digit 24/12 VDC Process Meter with Control Relays $445.41/ea $445.41
MD4815-110-02MD4815-110-02 Dual-Line 6-digit Process Meter with 24VDC Supply & Control Relays $376.28/ea $376.28
MD4815-110-02-4MD4815-110-02-4 Dual-Line 6-digit Process Meter 24VDC Supply, Control Relays, 4-20mA Output $497.58/ea $497.58
PC-CW2PC-CW2 Cage Weight for PC Series Pressure Level Sensor $180.81/ea $180.81
PH-EMSPH-EMS Pressure Sensor - Environmentally Moisture-Sealed Bladder $94.24/ea $94.24
PH-FILPH-FIL Pressure Sensor Desiccant Filter $20.95/ea $20.95
R1-12R1-12 Relay, DPDT with 12VDC Coil $42.64/ea $42.64
R1-120R1-120 Relay, DPDT with 120VAC coil $41.83/ea $41.83
R1-220R1-220 Relay, DPDT with 220VAC Coil $76.57/ea $76.57
R2-120R2-120 Pump Level Controller, 120VAC input $170.24/ea $170.24