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Increase Productivity.
Increase Profitability.
Madison Sensors can do that.

Madison Company takes a comprehensive approach to liquid level management. Our technical expertise, reliable products and outstanding service creates successful outcomes for our customers.

  • We reduced the number of unplanned outages for a major Northeast utility provider.
  • We increased productivity for a manufacturer of floor cleaning equipment.
  • We helped a container ship keep its scheduled date for sea trials.

We can help you.

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<span class="hide-not-front">Learn how Madison Company and a major utility provider worked together to deal with corrosion in a steam cogeneration plant.</span>

Design World has just released their January 2018 Leadership issue, and you can find Madison Company on page 402.

Madison’s point level float switches are designed to be simple, cost-effective, durable and reliable.

The M5010 is a miniature, stainless steel, horizontally mounted liquid level sensor that can be easily installed through a simple drilled hole in the side of the container.


Madison Company Blog

Sometimes it's just so easy to forget the simple old adage of "if you think it's too good to be true, it probably is".  Especially when your thoughts are focused on budget cuts, profit margins and just in time inventory that, for some reason, are not there in time.

What happens when you combined solar power, predictive data and nanomaterials?  You can make water out of thin air! And not just any thin air, but dry, arid air that you might find in the deserts of Arizona.