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R2-120 - Pump Level Controller, 120VAC input

R2-120 - Pump Level Controller, 120VAC input
Model # R2-120

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The R2-120 conductivity and float switch pump liquid level controller is specificly sold to be used with a 120VAC input voltage when combined with our conductivity probes or a High and Low level float switch for Pump-Up or Pump-Down Liquid Level Control.  The solid state controller provides do-it-yourself automatic liquid level control, when combined with float switches or stainless steel conductivity probes. It is easily configured for Two Level Differential, Single Point Protection or Alarm operations, and can be set for Pump-Up (Fill) or Pump-Down (Drain) automatic dual level control. For conductive liquids, the controller can be set for High - Low liquid level control with three conductivity probes. The conductive liquid is sensed between each probe and ground (common). The controller is also equipped with a sensitivity adjustment to eliminate false actuations in some liquids or foams, and can be adjusted to sense between 1K - 100K Ohms.  An easy to view on-board LED indicates the on-off status of the output contacts of the controller. The relay Output provides for direct switching of most small devices or fractional horse power pumps.

- Dual Probe Liquid Control for Conductive Liquids
- Pump-Up (Fill) or Pump-Down (Drain) Operation
- Sensing and Controlling of Conductive Liquids
- Boiler Liquid Level Control
- Low or High Level Switch Indication


Type 2 Form C (DPDT) Double Pole - Double Throw
Mounting 8 Pin Octal Socket (Included) with #8 mounting holes - 2 places
Electrical Ratings
AC Voltage Coil Voltage Rating: 120 VAC
Contact Rating 10 Amps @ 120 VAC (1/5 HP), 10 Amps @ 30 VDC
Electrical Connectors Direct Wire Screw Terminals

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