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Thursday, 12 January 2017 14:30

New Adventures in Collaboration Overload

Exactly one week ago we witnessed the kick-off to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that has unveiled to the world, for over 50 years, the latest in technology, home electronics and new gadgets.  This year the devices getting the greatest media attention seemed to be virtual and augmented reality glasses and goggles, as well as fold-out, multi-screen laptops.  One common theme, frequently repeated for business and industial device use, was "virtual collaboration". According to VR and AR device manufacturers, our near future will evolve beyond basic emails, instant messaging, confernece calls and Skype sessions.  Very soon you'll be able to don a head mounted display, connect with two or more other experts in any global location, and have them see what you see to virtually collaborate, brain storm and make sound business decisions.  While all of this, on the surface, sounds like a brave new world, this seems like an ideal time to revisit this powerful year-old article from Harvard Business Review titled Collaboration Overload. Spending just a few minutes with this study you'll soon discover that only 3-5% of employees truly add value to collaborations and, frequently, what begins as a virtuous cycle and quickly turns to a vicious one. Those who are frequently the most helpful during collaborations become bottlenecks in the future as organizations wait for their valued opinions to be expressed before any progress is made.  So as we see more powerful "virtual collaboration" tools in our future, we hope this important study helps you maintain a results reality and doesn't contribute to the burnout, disengagement and turnover that is becoming routine within a seemingly endless stream of meetings, debates, discussions and decisions.

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