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  • SensorSays Cellular Notification
    SensorSays Cellular Notification

    SensorSays is a new cellular notification system that sends immediate text messages to avert possible disaster and provide peace of mind. If a sensor is activated, it sends your pre-programmed text alert to up to 3 contacts and allows you to check the status 24/7 from the convenience of your cell phone.

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  • Industrial Equipment
    Industrial Equipment

    Many industrial equipment manufacturers and process automation engineers have selected Madison products due to such design attributes as their resistance to extreme temperature and pressure ranges, vibration and shock, durability, and long life spans.

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  • Medical Equipment
    Medical Equipment

    Madison is currently providing sensors to medical OEMs for use in everything from reagent analyzing to fluid dispensing equipment.

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  • Specialty Vehicles
    Specialty Vehicles

    Specialty vehicle manufacturers use Madison sensors for tractors, hybrid automobiles, street sweepers, loaders, and many others. 

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  • Water & Waste Applications
    Water & Waste Applications

    Madison's accurate, dependable and reliable float switches and liquid level sensors are commonly used in water & waste applications.

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  • Marine Applications
    Marine Applications

    Madison's accurate, dependable and reliable float switches and liquid level sensors are commonly used in marine applications. Many of our sensor products are approved by the American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS) and the USCG for use in commercial shipboard applications.

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Float Switch and Liquid Level Sensors

Madison Company has been manufacturing float switch and liquid level sensors in the United States for over 55 years. Madison Company strives to provide the best sensor solutions for liquid level, pressure and temperature measurement, for the most demanding float switch applications. Whether you need a single point float switch or continuous liquid level sensor, Madison Company can direct you to the proper float switch and liquid level sensor solution. Madison Company offers standard float switch sensors in stock for same day shipment, and can also custom configure multi-point float level switches in only 4 days. Our company has prided itself on understanding our customers' OEM applications to provide float switch designs that are both cost effective and manufactured to provide years of dependable service.  Many of our OEM float switch customers have been with Madison for many years in the sensor business.  We manufacture float switches that stand up to harsh environments, hazardous locations and pressures.  Many Madison float switch designs meet agency approvals like UL, CSA, and NSF, and we remain one of the world's best known providers of float switches to the food equipment industry.  We even manufacture float switches that are certified to withstand temperatures to 250 degrees C for food fryers and high temperature chemical processing.  Whether you need a float switch, continuous liquid level sensor, pressure or temperature sensor, utilized in Water and Waste Water Tanks, Food and Food Processing Equipment, HVAC, Specialty Vehicles, Medical, Marine, Washing Equipment, or any Industrial Application, let Madison Company provide it. In addition to liquid level sensing and float switch technologies, we also manufacture non-contact liquid level sensors such as ultrasonic and radar level sensors.  Furthermore, Madison's extensive product line offers combination liquid level float switches and custom sensors. Our experienced engineering staff has the technical expertise to design and manufacture custom liquid level sensing solutions for even the toughest of applications. See our in stock float switch and sensor solutions on our "Switch-in-Time" link above.

If you have Float Switch or Liquid Level Sensor questions, view our Resource Center or Applications drop downs above to review sensor documents and videos for "do it yourself" applications.  Madison Company has also helped educate the float switch and sensor community with our news articles, white papers and webinars.  See our recent Design News webinar titled Liquid Level Sensors, Float Switches and Application Considerations on Youtube. Call Madison company today for all you Float Switch and Liquid Level Sensor needs!

Madison Company Blog

Madison Company Blog